About Us

Mega CNC Tools is a European manufacturer of metalworking tools for technical wholesalers across the globe. As the manufacturing world is getting more competitive each day, saving time while machining is of great importance. Optimization of the process can be achieved in many ways.  Our company exists for 30 years, this gives us the knowledge necessary to provide the end-user with the best tool for the job.

Our products are being produced in Europe. This ensures you and your clients of high quality, long lasting tools. Many of our products are kept in stock in our warehouse in The Netherlands. Another advantage that comes with the European production plant is the flexibility in which we can deliver our goods which are out of stock. These products can quickly be produced and shipping time is kept to a minimum.

Selecting our assortment, improving existing and designing new products is once more a key factor in which we can distinguish ourselves. The flexibility of our production process helps us realizing new products in a short period of time.

As we believe optimization of the process can be of huge added value for our customers, we have updated our webshop. By combining our knowledge with the experience of our clients we have designed the webshop in a way that selecting tools (for your customers' job) is as easy as possible. Another example of how knowledge leads to quality.